Cookie Project 13.5 : Unceasing Delight Of Crumbs

Arrow keys and space (or Z), or mouse and left click to controls.
If using keyboard controls, holding shift lets you make more precise movements
The P button pauses the game and opens the store.

I have a development tumblr!

As you upgrade your ship you'll also end up facing more dangerous patterns.
Godspeed, and go get some cookies!

Based heavily off of Cookie Clicker. I am so, so, very sorry.

Icons from, while background and cookie images are from Cookie Clicker.

Version info: 1.00 : Game released to the abyssal wastes of the internet to wander forever.
1.01 : Game should handle high numbers of cookies better. Golden cookie frequency upgrade nerfed (Thanks kazil!)
1.02 : Auto-fire damage capped per second, so no more locking The Cookie Leviathan in an endless intro loop (Thanks kristjankirax!)
1.03 : Fixing the shop not charging for upgrades, fixing other debug code that snuck in. (Thanks alcharagia!)
1.04 : Experimentally reducing the power of the cookie value upgrade after upgrade level 10.
1.05 : You can fire with Z as well! Because The Claw is rough on your hands
1.06 : Faced with the realization I will probably not continue updating this game, I've made a debug build people can try out to cycle through all the behaviors!