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Match Three is an attempt at a fuzzy idea I thought up a long time ago of a shmup that would combine qualities of a shmup with the ever-popular match three franchise. This is a prototype developed over a week, so it's pretty rough (about a minute and a half of gameplay overall), but it's got the heart, kid!

Controls are explained in game, but in general : arrow keys to move, z to shoot, x to start the match 3 process. Matching damages the enemy, and destroying an enemy via match 3 can cause a devastating chain reaction!

I attempted to describe the concept to my friends by rephrasing a Vicks Vapor Strips advertisement I remember from a while ago, but they just looked at me blankly.

Mixed Messages is a short screensaver modelled after numbers stations.

 I wrote this using 0rel's art assets from the TIGSource Assemblee competition on day when I was unable to sleep. I got up to make a roguelike arena shooter, then, when I realized that 4 AM is not the time to be coding advanced projects, I instead cobbled together a face generator and a message generator. Over the years I've occasionally come back to edit it, in an attempt to reach some sort of creepy screensaver singularity.

It is a piece of crap, but viewing it has given me an alarming sense of satisfaction.

Road Trip is a short game I created for a class at Stanford in XNA. It's a free running run/jumping game that I created as a type of zen experience, featuring pretty simple gameplay (hit white gates, avoid black boxes) that's supposed to be primarily meditative in nature. Well, maybe meditative. One of the design goals was "induces motion sickness in player", but I added a time-slowdown function to offset that somewhat.

This game uses shaders I wrote myself to create bloom and motion blur effects.